Once you’ve implemented the above Project-SalesAchiever CRM you can:
– Earn More Business
-Optimize Historical Information
-Analyze Critical Client Data
-Build Efficient Processes
-Target Strategic Client Accounts
-Track Competitive Intelligence

CRM For Contractors

As a Contractor it is in your best interest to build relationships with Architects, Engineers, Owners, Clients, Cities, Municipalities, Suppliers and Subs. And you are most likely receiving your leads from a variety of sources – services, networking events, referrals or repeat business to name a few.   With that much information to keep track of it is imperative that you have a solid Client Relationship Management system in place.

Drive more business by using Project-SalesAchiever CRM throughout your entire organization :
-Marketing staff can run targeted campaigns based on market sector, project type, lead source, etc.
-Business Development and Sales staff can categorize leads for appropriate follow-up and record all activities surrounding a project pursuit

.-Estimators can track project bids and be sure that appropriate follow-up is being conducted.
-Project Managers have access to current client and project data.
-Senior Management will be able to see reports and queries, giving them up-to-the-minute data on your sales cycles and project intelligence.


Project-SalesAchiever CRM gives you the platform to manage information surrounding the project opportunities you are pursuing, the bids you are quoting and the prospects/clients that you are in constant contact with. With a myriad of lead sources it is critical that you have processes and systems that allow you to be sure you are following up in a timely manner and that you have the historical data to let you know which leads would yield the best results for your business.

Your use of Project-SalesAchiever CRM doesn’t end with the project award – you can use the project and client data to management milestones in the project and be sure you are keeping up with client promises to help ensure happy clients and repeat business.