Project-SalesAchiever Cloud

Project-SalesAchiever Cloud

 Project-SalesAchiever in the cloud

Online or Offline,  you can still use Project-SalesAchiever in the cloud.

Project-SalesAchiever™ Cloud – Powerful, Easy, Up and Running in 24 hours

Built on the back of the world-renowned Project-,  Project-SalesAchiever Cloud offers simple to use, ready to go, project and company tracking for the Construction Industry.

•  Centralized Project Tracking
•  Low set up costs
•  Easy set up –  You provide Usernames, Passwords and User rights
•  Concurrent Licensing – Unlimited users, you only pay for users on the system at one time, eg. 200 users on a 5 concurrent user system
•  Simple to implement – up and running within 24 hours
•  Secure, on-line back-up
•  Access from any computer
•  Auto importing of multiple lead providers from around the globe
•  No Commitment – 1 month contract
•  The data is yours – Your System Managers can extract the data at any time

Project-SalesAchiever cloud means you gain all the benefits of a hosted solutions without losing the benefits of a Desktop application.

In addition we offer our users with

• Unlimited Storage
• Unlimited Customization functionality