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CRM for Construction Suppliers

Project-SalesAchiever is a CRM with 30 years of usage globally by Construction Suppliers who look for a simple to use solution. The Project-SalesAchiever CRM users have similarly some of the most sophisticated requirements in any industry.  Construction suppliers typically look for a quotation module and project lead tracking. Similarly, the fluidity of Project-SalesAchiever allows different configurations when you have teams that need the powerful end of CRM and the ones that need ‘light and easy to use’.

Just some key applications within Project-SalesAchiever CRM
-Quotation generation and tracking
-Literature Management
-Key Account management
-Sales system integration with invoicing solutions
-Managing Special Price Agreements
-Project & Opportunity Tracking
-Activity Management
-Market Campaign Management
-Specification Sales Management


Win more business from internally based business development activity

Using the Project-SalesAchiever system whilst office-based and taking calls, your sales consultant taking the call will have an instant view on all projects (won, lost, current) linked to the prospect/client accordingly. Hence this will result in a much more proactive selling approach. Moreover, Better sales results as the CRM system will arm the internal sales person with information to push the business forward whilst also working coming across as much more professional.

Better Client Retention through better service and a more professional approach
Anyone of our customer-facing consultants will have full access to the following:

– All Prospects projects
– All your email correspondence, phone calls, meetings, and drawings, etc.
– List of contacts, their full names within the business

Increased business development time

Recognizing :
– All Prospects projects
– All your correspondence, phone calls, and meetings
– List of contacts, their full names within the business



Free up management time and spend more time efficiently, steering the sales team.
As the Project-SalesAchiever CRM system will centralize all information, in fact, business development activities. Therefore, the management will no longer have the administrative burden of collating and sorting information in spreadsheets or nonconstruction specific CRM systems. With instant access available everyday on all projects, companies, and business development activity. Savings are made on time while enabling management to monitor and direct their team more effectively with real-time information.

Better forecasting information

With an automated view of pipelines, you’re able to see and help steer activity in the areas most needed for winning new business.

Aligning activity to strategy

Centralizing market and business development information hence allow the management team to make sure that daily activity in the business is in line with company strategy.


More Business through better-targeted business development activity

With Project-SalesAchiever, the business development team is able to interrogate the system and base selling activities on critical criteria. Moreover, key criteria can be which contact is linked to most projects and which companies are in need of contact.

Companies generate more revenue with time more focussed on more profitable areas

More calls are based on criteria over and above simple geography. For example Sales history of prospect, alerted to sales inquiries. Our sales team will be focusing every call on one of the many opportunities within the account. In addition to having a focus on selling, each activity will have an alignment with the commercial strategy. In other words, every call being made by the sales team in any sector is always giving the user a view on all information relevant to that client, such as requesting brochures, attending corporate hospitality events, etc.. Hence means all pieces of information that the salesperson can use to their advantage.


Reduced administration

The CRM will auto-generate management reports because the team is using Project-SalesAchiever for their day-to-day centralized database.  Therefore, ensuring less risk for your business as and when members of the team leave the company.
With all the information on our prospects and client, based in one place, along with all activity. Providing access to the CRM tool when a new sales person starts enables them to hit the ground running.  More opportunities for the external team with every face to face meeting.
As external meeting are made, so the business development team are able to see every opportunity linked to the company they are visiting accordingly. Typically companies have many projects and quotes. A sales person will have access to all critical sales information to help increase the chances of success.


Higher returns from marketing through identifying the most successful campaigns.
With the leads and companies being tracked from inquiry to specification, to quotations, to orders, the Project-SalesAchiever CRM will be able to identify the most successful campaigns even associate specifications to orders accordingly. What is critical and a complex area of construction product sales is knowing what orders are linked to what influencers. Furthermore, the key functions in the CRM are its ability to link the influencer of a project to the company placing the order. Project-SalesAchiever achieves this through its unique linking companies, contacts, projects, and sales.

 Less wastage on marketing material

You will be able to identify the key players and then be more focused on the improved quality of the marketing material. Thus marketing becomes much more profitable becoming a constant ROI from your CRM solution. 

 Targeted E-Blast

Project-SalesAchiever CRM has a powerful ‘list-building function’ and enables marketing to sort accounts by sophisticated criteria. Hence ensuring the right companies are hit with accurately targeted E-Shots. Example queries could be :

– Contacts linked to lost/won projects or quotes
– All specifiers linked to ‘paying’ clients who have placed orders
– Specifiers linked to the most project leads
– Specifiers/Contractors involved with Projects of certain values, areas, and specific work types
Moreover being able to identify the real key players in the marketplace enables the business to target companies that offer the most business potential.