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Powerful Workflow

Powerful Workflow

It will reduce inefficiencies and cut down administration as Project-SalesAchiever CRM offers even more flexible automated workflow capabilities.  Project-SalesAchiever CRM will allow your business to easily define and automate standard tasks within the solution.

The workflow tool enables the system manager to create a powerful workflow.

Project SalesAchiever CRM can ensure you never miss an opportunity and assist you in building strong, profitable relationships with your customers.

With automated workflows, this ensures your sales teams remain one step ahead with immediate notification of account activity and automation of standard tasks.

It allows you to deliver the best customer experience and truly define your business as a leader in an increasingly competitive market.

Automated Workflow
Flexible workflow – Create powerful workflows to define and automate standard tasks, for example automatically generating a follow-up brochure to be sent out following an inquiry being added.

Customer value
Anticipating customer needs and reacting proactively will increase levels of satisfaction. It will also improve sales lead conversion and retention.

Employee value
Receiving automated email alerts against set criteria will reduce the amount of time spent analyzing CRM. It will allow sales teams to focus on their customers and developing new sales and opportunities. Automating areas of the workflow will also increase staff efficiency by freeing up their time. After that, the staff will focus on what’s really important.

Management value
Each customer will have proactive email notifications that will help ensure the correct level of focus. In addition, the early pipeline alerts will allow for any potential issues to be managed in advance.