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“Measure everything of significance, anything that is measured and watched, improves.”
-Bob Parson’s, the founder of GoDaddy.

The volume of data generated in today’s business climate is increasing. Therefore, a company’s success will be defined by how they translate that data to meaningful information. Then also how they take action on it. The better the information we can provide our team with, the more decision making will be informed to company strategy. The information in a system can be vast, and translation can be no easy task, especially in the construction and construction supply. The sector, where relationships between architects, contractors, developers, government, and end clients are complex and hard to identify.

Construction CRM Dashboards and BI

Construction CRM Dashboards and BI

The Project-SalesAchiever business dashboard manages your information by tracking key data points.

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Businesses in construction that can Benefit from Business Intelligence ( BI ) from Dashboards

The vast majority of companies in the construction and construction supply sector today have a digital presence.

This means they are generating data at all times, whether it is internally or externally. This data could include new project leads, specifications, customer purchase history, website visitors, email and general activity, and more. This data can be important for mapping key relationships, monitoring pipelines and forecasts, and any information critical to managing your business. With this in mind, the business case for a company dashboard is even more relevant. The Project- SalesAchiever CRM Dashboard can translate vast data with complex links and will generate valuable insight. If you want your finger on the pulse of your company’s digital nervous system then business dashboards are relevant to you. All you need are questions of your data, questions if answered will help define decision making. Also to decide actions, enable better customer support, empower your business to sell more and market more effectively.

Key to successfully providing great business dashboards to your team

The key to a great business dashboard is to be able to design it to be relevant to the user. The information required by someone in the field might be totally different from what the marketing department needs. The dashboard needs to give value to each user in each department although align the departments to the overall business strategy.

What can a business dashboard do for my company

A business dashboard allows you to deal with large data volumes and to track metrics across the entire business. In addition, it allows you to view current performance levels by translating complex data sets into simple to read information.

Greater and faster visibility across your organization

One of the greatest benefits of a powerful dashboard is to give you visibility across the entire company as needed. This means the information you need to steer the business is there on-demand without having to wait for monthly or weekly reports. This gives you the ability to take action instantly on an issue or opportunity that presents itself in the dashboard.

Much improved agility across the business

Your company gaining this type of visibility gives you the agility you need to make quick decisions. With instant, live reports performance measurements, if and when market conditions change, the strategies you have implemented can be rapidly adapted in real-time to suit what’s needed.


As your business becomes more agile, you will be more efficient across the business because decisions will be made with a better understanding of your team and your marketplace.

More time for you and your teams across the business

When a company is more efficient it can reduce lost time and wasted resources. With BI your business will not spend valuable time creating complex reports and trawling through vast amounts of data using personnel from IT and other departments. Your team will instead be spending their time acting upon the data.

Stronger adoption of CRM

As users can see a more tangible output of the data that they enter into the CRM they are more likely to drive the usage harder as the ROI (return on investment) is much greater for them with the Dashboards and BI.

Improved performance from team members

When key team members are not performing you will not have to wait weeks for the results. Feedback to a person or to a team on the process can be delivered in real-time. Hence the feedback loop will be much faster on the changes you make for improvement.

Business improvements happening much faster

The performance information from BI allows you to see the progress your business is making in real-time. Thus you can easily measure the time it takes to meet goals and allow decision-makers to facilitate changes as needed.

The management reports the Project-SalesAchiever CRM dashboard generates can quantify how long it takes to see results from the changes that have been made.

BI powered by the Project-SalesAchiever CRM dashboards give you a much stronger understanding of the construction market place as well as your business and your team

The key objective of good business dashboards and BI is to give you a better understanding of your business, your marketplace, and your customers.

This includes the past, present, and future so you can gain a greater edge over your competition.

With a complete view of the entire business and market place, you can better plan for the present and future success of your company and your teams.