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Mobile CRM

Project-SalesAchiever Mobile CRM

Project-SalesAchiever Mobile CRM

                        • All your calendar actions sync with Outlook Calendar
                        • Core Project-SalesAchiever features on your phone
                        • Instant live updates from your main CRM

Full access to all Project-SalesAchiever™modules through any browser-enabled handheld device of your choice.
Will work with any handheld device with browser capability
Project-SalesAchiever™ mobile can use on any handheld device with internet capability.

Standard solution or fully customized for your business
Project-SalesAchiever™ can be customized fully to meet the individual requirement of any company using Project-SalesAchiever CRM.

Project-SalesAchiever Mobile CRM

The mobile app lets you stay in touch with your clients and prospects even when on the move. Also, you can view company contacts, project actions, and your calendar. A perfect fit for sales, marketing, service, and senior management. Furthermore it combines all the great features of Project-SalesAchiever CRM right to your pocket.

Make your team mobile

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are incredible mobile sales tools to help your team continue to manage customer relationships where ever they are.

Moreover devices with connectivity will keep your team in tune with customer and prospect information each and every day. Your team members will be instantly prepared to discuss multiple opportunities and be completely in tune with the client’s requirements. At last, CRM doesn’t have to be heavyweight for large businesses, it can be light, simple to use, and very mobile.

The instant-on capability of the iPad gives you immediate access to your company’s customer relationship management (CRM)

data—whether you’re on-site at a customer meeting, in the office, or on the road. And the simplicity of Multi-Touch gestures on the iPad instantly transforms your taps, swipes, pinches, and flicks into lifelike actions, so updating customer data on the fly feels completely natural. you can manage your sales responsibilities anywhere.