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Getting the best out of Project-SalesAchiever through Training 

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With the implementation of any new system in an organization, there can be apprehension or even resistance. The importance of correct debriefing, consultation in project management and the provision of tailored training courses should not be underestimated.

As it can mean the difference between a project failing and succeeding. SalesAchiever understands this, especially with the introduction of new technology, and ensures that (before training commences) candidates understand the objectives of the solution.

the ways in which it will make their life easier; this, in turn, ensures buy-in from all users.

Effective knowledge transfer helps clients become productive and self-sufficient quickly. There are a range of learning options from side by side training to classroom courses and e-learning solutions.

Careful assessment of computer literacy skills and user requirements ensures that we have groups and courses tailored to the levels required ensuring everyone from sales people and sales support teams to managers and system administrators have the input they need to use the system successfully over a two day period.

System administrators will have the knowledge to manage the day to day running of the software as well as the ability to modify the system and access the underlying data.


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