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Three Features That Only a CRM Can Provide

If your business has never used a CRM, or has explored project management tools in place of a CRM, we are certain there have been plenty of missed opportunities and lack of organization along the way. After all, construction businesses are intricate in nature, with plenty of client relationships to manage, and it is more important than ever to have a reliable system in place.


So, what can a CRM provide that other project management tools can’t?


Client History and Centralization


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to reference client communication or history from four years ago, but you just can’t seem to find the email in your inbox? A CRM fixes all of that. Such systems keep all client conversations in one place and makes it easy for you to reference on-the-go. A CRM ensures you are never confused about key communication with your most important clients, storing client history and keeping it centralized along the way.


Tracking Events and Tasks


As great as a pen and paper can be to keep track of your tasks, it just isn’t the same as what a CRM can provide. Such a system will not only help you keep track of every event and task you have on your lengthy to-do list, it will also provide complete visibility into tasks associated with your colleagues. For example, if you are managing a project for Client X and Salesperson Y is also working on the project, a CRM will allow you to work together and relate those tasks and events to the appropriate lead, contact or company. Doing so allows you to form a unified, cohesive and integrated business unit.


Never Lose your Data


This is the big one (and our personal favorite). If you are tracking your data through calendars, the aforementioned pen and paper or on your computer hard drive, there is a chance that your data and important information could be lost or stolen. A CRM effectively protects your data. Backing-up your data and protecting your infrastructure ensures  your important emails and client notes will never be lost.
With the intricacies of a construction business, it is important to focus on the work and the projects instead of worrying about client history, tracking events and losing data.